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김은지_ETHER 021_C 프린트_100×125cm_2007

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What opens the imaginary world is a small gap in the very ordinary life space. My works start from my memory. Memory draws one image and I fully reproduce it. Based on what I remember, I lead the viewers to cross between what we see and imagine, something familiar and unfamiliar and fact and fiction by setting up one side of my life and represent on the my works. Getting out of one-dimensional approach which just interprets a theme and an object, I play a narrative's multidimensional and extendable variation that promotes psychological drama.

김은지_ETHER 002_C 프린트_100×125cm_2007
김은지_ETHER 041_C 프린트_100×125cm_2008

At the same time, particular emotions and related informations come up together from being connected as a net. It reminds uncomfortable and complicated feelings, conflicting feelings of having positive and negative feelings about one person or object at the same time, naked tedium, expression of complex feeling that cannot lean to one side, tenderheart of being easily hurt, past and future, unlimited eternity that can project the mind in the future, psychological poverty of the moderner, commonplace of existence, silent psychological expression, vague association and draw to the extension of concept and meaning.

김은지_ETHER 011_C 프린트_100×125cm_2007
김은지_ETHER 046_C 프린트_100×125cm_2008

Ether is the concept of mediation that delivers the wave of the light. It became meaningless after Einstein's principle of relativity demonstrated and now it's just a imaginary concept that doesn't need to be proved. In western, the word ether is used for fresh and clean air and in Eastern, Chinese philosopher DamSaDong defined it as minute particles that fills the world and spread to every corners but cannot hear, taste and smell. Also in the movie "All About Lily Chou Chou" directed by Shunji Iwai, Ether appears as the mediation of mentalities. In the movie, Ether is a virtual material, the mediation of light which makes the earth and everything can be exist. But at the same time, it's the mediation for closed soul to listen other soul's sounds. I pay attention to Ether's this curious character. The concept of imaginary material, meaning as mediation of delivering lights and contradictory metaphysical visibility of waves, and multi layered meanings as mental mediation stand along with my works which is a imaginative stimulate of mysterious narrative in ordinary situations. My Ether is mysterious imagination and heavy emotion filled in realistic world.

김은지_ETHER 016_C 프린트_100×125cm_2007
김은지_ETHER 006_C 프린트_100×125cm_2007

I hope this works that began with mediation of memory to rouse up our multilateral stimulates and imaginations and also to find ourselves projected inside of works. ■ GIMEUNJI

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