Chaos + Cosmos

윤성필展 / Feel Yun / 尹聖弼 / painting   2009_0904 ▶ 2009_0918

윤성필_COSMOS 02_IRON POWDER, WOOD GLUE_190×190cm_2009

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거시세계나 미시세계는 하나의 축을 중심으로 회전하고 있는 것으로, 규칙과 질서의 세계로 여겨진다. 그러나 이러한 '축'이란 변화과정 중의 임시적 결합상태에 불과한 것으로, 변하지 않고 영원히 고정되어 있는 것이 아니다. 우주 만물은 항상 운동 변화하고 있기에 우주의 어떠한 사물도 고정되어 있지 않다. 때문에 질서와 무질서는 하나이며 같은 존재이다. ■ Feel Yun

윤성필_COSMOS 02-1_IRON POWDER, WOOD GLUE_190×190cm_2009
윤성필_COSMOS 01_IRON POWDER, WOOD GLUE_190×190cm_2009
윤성필_COSMOS 01-1_IRON POWDER, WOOD GLUE_190×190cm_2009
윤성필_CHAOS 01_IRON POWDER, WOOD GLUE_190×190cm_2009
윤성필_CHAOS 01-1_IRON POWDER, WOOD GLUE_190×190cm_2009
윤성필_CHAOS 03-1_IRON POWDER, WOOD GLUE_190×190cm_2009

In this new body of work artist Feel Yun has harnessed natural forces to 'paint' in metal. ● Previously known for his large sculptures, this latest work sees a move to the canvas while retaining his interest in the three dimensional and metala□ material properties. Feel Yun□ unique and technical process sees the manipulation of iron filings on canvas using magnets, the result of which is then frozen in time; a record of natural forces at work that is undeniably beautiful, yet also rather unnerving. The filings themselves are intriguing enough, standing on end and defying gravity, held in a hardened resin matrix without the magnets that determined their place. ● Having practiced the techniques of this fickle process for some time, Yun is able to manipulate the filings into very deliberate arrangements to represent variously the very different natures of order and chaos. In some works Yun has further exploited the physical properties of his chosen material using controlled rusting to add further colour and pattern to his compositions. These new works are wall mounted but can be considered quasi-sculptural as the filings break away from the picture plane. ● Like past sculptural works, these canvases have their conceptual root in eastern theories. This body of work can be divided into two groups and labelled variously; Ying and Yang, Apollonian and Dionysian, Chaos and Cosmos (Order) depending on ones cultural perspective. Chaos can be defined as a state of extreme confusion and disorder; the formless and disordered state of matter before the creation of the cosmos. Conversely Order can be defined as regular, logical or comprehensible arrangement of separate elements. It is impossible for one to exist without the other and eastern understanding sees Chaos and Cosmos as one and the same, as part of the circle of life. As this suggests the boundaries of this division are flexible and change in relation to one another as part of a greater whole. The essence of Yun's aim is to represent these opposing but inextricable forces that are together believed to make up existence as one; to condense them and make them more comprehensible. ■ Will Lunn

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