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김영미_The light_혼합재료_162.2×130.3cm_2009

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나는 눈에 보이지 않고 손에 잡히지는 않지만 존재하는 것들에 관하여 이야기를 하고자 한다. 그것은 액션으로부터 시작하여 캔버스 안에 천을 찢고, 꿰매며 조화를 모색해 나가는 과정 속에 스며든다. ■ 김영미

김영미_태양의 노래_혼합재료_180×55cm×3_2009
김영미_scattered Days_혼합재료_181.8×227.3cm_2009
김영미_passing by the tunnel of pain_혼합재료_181.8×227.3cm_2009
김영미_Love Serenade_혼합재료_181.8×227cm_2009

I hope to express that which is not seen or perceived through an abstract perspective. The process involves the action of coloring, stamping, ripping and sewing fabrics. The reason for my work is to express my inner self. I believe that composition and colors have the power to touch a person's soul. I hope to quench their inner thirst through my work, this is what inspires me to create my art. ■ KIMYOUNGMI

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