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박상미_sceneONshow_패널위 장지에 수묵채색_122×162cm_2009

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오프닝 리셉션_with 화음프로젝트 Hwaum Project

후원_경기문화재단(2009년도 경기문화재단 우수작품창작발표활동 선정사업)

관람시간 / 10:00am∼06:00pm

서호미술관_SEOHO MUSEUM 경기도 남양주시 화도읍 금남리 571-8번지 Tel. +82.31.592.1865

이번 전시에서는 공간에 위치한 자아의 식물이미지에서 세분화된 '다 개체적인 자아'로서의 작품과 '연출된 장면'의 작품이 『sceneONshow』의 풍자된 화면으로 구성된다. 기존의 상상을 통해 바라 본 일상적 공간의 주체에 관해 물음을 제기하는 방식의 작업에서 자아(ego)에 대한 심도 있는 고찰에 의해 구성된 작업이다. '다 개체적(多 個體)'인 심리 상태 또는 형상을 하나의 뿌리에서 생존하는 식물 이미지를 통해 표현하는 작업을 선보이게 된다. 현재의 거대한 도시 속에서 다중인격이라는 심리학적 카테고리는 현대인들의 과장되고 포장되어진 모습과 연결되어 나타난다. 본인 작업에서 이러한 형태는 한줄기에서 기인하고 있지만 그 모습이 각기 다른 식물의 모습으로 대변되어 '다 개체'의 존재로 표현된다. 무채색의 수묵 드로잉으로 표현된 식물은 개인의 익명성을 상징하며, 분채로 채색된 주변의 화려한 색감은 진열된 (put on show) 모습에 대한 풍자적인 의미로 해석되고자 한다. ■ 박상미

박상미_ego_my plant 06_패널위 장지에 수묵채색_30×100cm_2009
박상미_staged picture_패널위 장지에 수묵채색_122×145.5cm_2009
박상미_play a scene Ⅰ_패널위 장지에 수묵채색_56×75.5cm_2009
박상미_play a scene Ⅱ_패널위 장지에 수묵채색_56×75.5cm_2009
박상미_play a scene Ⅳ_패널위 장지에 수묵채색_56×75.5cm_2009
박상미_play a scene_패널위 장지에 수묵채색_31×31cm_2009

Real vs. virtual, question to myself in between ● Plants are substantial axis to the work of Park Sang-mi. Artist's interest in plants was initiated from the image of budding, sprouting leaf and blooming. She found that the image of the plant repeating the growth and extinction reflects humans going through repeated growths and changes. Ever since started to create scenes made of plant images, the work of Park Sang-mi illustrates scenes by people come into bloom just as poem by Chung Hyun-jong, 『Man Blooms into the Scene』 with the lyrics saying 'There's a time for the man blooming into a scene'. ● As well as the imagery of plants, another important axis for the work of artist is space. She intends to make variations of the plant imagery in virtual space thoroughly created by the artist's imagination as well as real spaces based upon her daily experiences. Plants ask 'where I am' in the real space represented in 'Seat' series and start the journey in order to climb up higher. However, there is no clear answer to the question and the road outside only looks foreign to the plants. ●The plants constantly have relationships with other plants and try to correspond to the space but then they get cut off and isolated constantly. ● To the plants, real space is not the site to be settled in but where confusion and scarcity lie. On the other hand, the virtual space compared to the real is realized by 'Scene_space' series. The space arranged in colorful façade and perspective is attractive enough for plants. But still they hesitate to go in and take the posture of watching since the space does not seem to allow entrance easily. It is also possible to assume the withered psychological condition by the reduced size of the plants at the virtual space compared to the 'Seat' series. Although they manage to enter the virtual space, the shrunk plants are shown to themselves with their smaller bodies among the relationship with others. It surely is a hard and involved work but there is no way to give up or concede. In the work of Park Sang-mi, the virtual is where plants recover from damages providing solace and alternatives to overcome the limit of the real. ● In either the real or the virtual space, plants cannot get out of discord and tension. In the work of Park Sang-mi, there exists the 3rd space between the real and virtual. 'Pottery series' presents an in-between space where to try a reverse to set an order to confusion, and to change inexistence to abundance. This time each plant is given an individual vase. The vase is a space to spare minimum nutrition necessary for plants to grow without any trouble. In there, plants live peacefully. However, the work of Park Sang-mi, calmness is an extension of boredom. In the vase, there is no complete scarcity or repletion. Then, two desires wriggle together either to seat itself dearly with the leaf of achromatic plants or to discover something new. Determination inclined to end up with self satisfaction and anxiety dangle along with each other. It is that contradictory conceptions are growing on a one rooted plant. The artist's names the situation of the plant in a vase 「Multi Ego」. Her recent works which densely exhibit the 「Multi Ego」 packed in the in-between space seemingly have moved to an extended level from defining the relation between plants and spaces. As plants take over more space, they started to be concerned about their egos more actively and intensely. Now, the plant with the multi ego does not judge itself by the perspective, views of other plants or roles and conditions forced in a particular space in order to prove itself. Its view which was focused towards outside are drawn back to the inner-self as well as directing its consciousness towards itself. The only rule to define oneself is the self made up with ironic nature. ●Real and the virtual to discover the self in between is joyful pilgrimage of Park Sang-mi. It wouldn't be easy to get to the conclusion and the time will pass rather slowly. Nonetheless, she will not hurry. What matters for the artist is not to reach the place to settle down shortly but the process in itself to look for the self slowly across the sphere speculating with different ideas. Not wondering but questioning her own path, the artist's recent works are fulfilling her own confusion and scarcity with order and fullness taking the precious step towards her final artistic destination. ■ Gong Ju Hyung

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