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윤성필_CHAOS 01_철가루, 접착제_190×190cm_2009

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Art Work Space Lower Ground Floor, The Hempel Hotel, 31-35 Craven Hill Gardens London, W2 3EA, UK www.artworkspace.co.uk

거시세계나 미시세계는 하나의 축을 중심으로 회전하고 있는 것으로, 규칙과 질서의 세계로 여겨진다. 그러나 이러한 '축'이란 변화과정 중의 임시적 결합상태에 불과한 것으로, 변하지 않고 영원히 고정되어 있는 것이 아니다. 우주 만물은 항상 운동 변화하고 있기에 우주의 어떠한 사물도 고정되어 있지 않다. 때문에 질서와 무질서는 하나이며 같은 존재이다. ■ Feel Yun

윤성필_CHAOS 03_철가루, 접착제_190×190cm_2009
윤성필_COSMOS 02_철가루, 접착제_190×190cm_2009
윤성필_COSMOS 03-1_철가루, 접착제_190×190cm_2009
윤성필_COSMOS 05_철가루, 접착제_190×190cm_2009

Sungfeel Yun's canvas works are a freeze-frame of his unique and technical process; using magnets, he manipulates iron filings into extraordinary shapes, sometimes subjecting them to rust and erosion. His intricate method is further complicated by a time limit: Yun has only three hours to create perfect filing formations until the soft resin in which they are suspended rapidly hardens and ceases their movement entirely. "The only way it will work is by having an incredibly sensitive hand - they all want to move with the magnet, but you simply cannot let them. You need to be selective and tease them apart from one another." Colours fluctuate and forms are forged and destroyed. The pieces exist in a purgatory between warm and rich browns of the controlled entropy, and the cold and hard silvers of raw iron. This fickle and intriguing process results in an array of swirling patterns rich with echoes of the solar system, fixed to the canvas in a hardened resin matrix as if still in motion. Yun's body of work can be divided into two groups, each of which relies upon opposing forces; Yin and Yang, Apollonian and Dionysian, Chaos and Cosmos. Each force exists as its partner's polar opposite in a state of mutual dependence that keeps them in flux. Neither can exist without the other, and so eastern understanding unites them as one. "I am interested in ideas of connected but opposing forces much like magnetism, hence the iron filings." The essence of Yun's aim is to represent these opposing but inextricable forces that are together believed to make up existence as one; to condense them and make them more comprehensible. In combining this with his unusual medium and highly technical process, Yun succeeds in not only representing this sense of order conceptually, but also in the fusion of the work's disparate elements into one final body. The filings themselves stand on end and defy gravity, frozen in time; a record of natural forces at work that is undeniably beautiful, yet also rather unnerving. "What better way is there to represent the beauty and natural order of our world than using a material directly taken from the earth itself?" ■ Will Lunn

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