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2011_0806 ▶ 2011_0911 / 월요일 휴관

김시하 Kim si ha_blooming young art 3_water pipe_700×700×850cm_2011_부분

초대일시 / 2011_0806_목요일_04:00pm

참여작가 김시하(Kim Siha 金霞)_위영일(Wee Young-il 魏荣)_추이치앙(Cui Qiang 崔强)

관람시간 / 10:00am~06:00pm / 월요일 휴관

Culture Cube FORCE NO B10,798 Art District Beijing China/100015 Tel. +86.10.64314450 www.force798.com

Some people awaken us to new understanding of our lives. They could be a teacher, a speaker, even one of your family members…It will open my mind only need to participate in a artists exhibition.Yes! Artists. Living in a different way, by longing to be known when they were unknown, by longing to use the way to show themselves that people don't use. At the meantime, the Demand Creation may keep them in suffering. It can also develop their sensitivity toward our real life.

김시하 Kim si ha_blooming young art 3_water pipe_700×700×850cm_2011_부분
김시하 Kim si ha_blooming young art 3_water pipe_700×700×850cm_2011_부분
김시하 Kim si ha_blooming young art 3 water pipe_700×700×850cm_2011

Main theme of Artist Kim Siha's works is Pipe and labyrinth. She conducted a pipe expansion and deformation, as the artist's own feelings, Tortuous and complex, urgently needs an avenue of release. Another group of work material is 'mirror'. 'Mirror' is like an interface, connecting panic, desire, psychological and etc factors with social.

추이치앙 Cui qiang_Don't Look_oil on canvas_100×80cm_2009
추이치앙 Cui qiang_www1_oil on canvas_200×300cm_2011

Works of the artist Cui Qiang clever use of pop language form, content and performance of the concept ofdirect tendency to simple superposition of the technical aspects of double consciousness and energy.

위영일 Wee young il_complexman. ero.13_acrylic on panel , silkscreen_120×80cm_2010

Who see the works of artists Wee Young-il will find the hero on the canvas, but is a mixed hero not a usual well-known. Prevalent in today's heroism, Society needs a new hero to come out. He mixed world famous heros in his works to ask about heroism? Or the pursuit of heroic figures of irony? ■ Culture Cube FORCE

在如今这个社会化的大套子中,我们如同"套中人"过着反复单调的生活。也许唯一不同的是艺术家们,他们更愿意用内心细腻情感去讲述对社会的感悟。而创作带给他们的悲痛和喜悦更加浇筑了作品中的艺术情感。 ● 参展艺术家金霞的作品主题是管道与迷宫。她对管道进行了扩张与变形,正如作者自身的情感,曲折而复杂,迫切需求一个释放的途径。另一组作品的素材是'镜子'。'镜子'就像是个接口,把人类的恐慌、陌生、欲望等心理要素与社会相接。 ● 艺术家崔强的作品巧妙地运用了波普语言形式,内容的观念倾向性与表现方式的直接简约叠加了意识与技术层面的双重能量。 ● 看了艺术家魏荣一的作品就会发现在他画布上的英雄竟然不是我们平时所熟知的,而是混合了几位世界著名英雄。英雄主义盛行的当下,我们不禁思考到底是英雄主义?还是对追求英雄主义人物的讽刺? ■ Culture Cube FORCE

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