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고헌_Work 11 – 035_알루미늄에 그라인딩, 폴리 아크릴 우레탄_104×104cm_2011

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신화갤러리 SHINHWA GALLERY G/F 32 Aberdeen St. Central HongKong Tel. +852.2803.7960

Korean artist Koh Hon picks a very rare medium for his works. That is, aluminum. ● Giving life to the icy metal. artist Koh Hon successfully transfers the surface of the aluminum into a lively depiction of his imaginative world. He reinterprets the mortality and limitedness of the humans, creating the upside-down city landscape, as people and buildings are floating in the sky. ● His works express moment and eternity, classics and modern times, nature and art, time and space crossing each other. These are the characteristic of his 'Aluminum painting'.

고헌_Work 11 – 038_알루미늄에 그라인딩, 샌딩, 유채_114.5×62.5cm_2011
고헌_Work 11 – 033_알루미늄에 그라인딩, 폴리 아크릴 우레탄_60×60cm_2011
고헌_Work 11 – 037_알루미늄에 그라인딩, 샌딩_114.5×166.5cm_2011

Today the mortality of humans is often confronted in hospital beds, surrounded by medical equipments. That's also where we experience the coldness and lifelessness of metal. If doesn't have life yet it doesn't go away either. The artist saw the contrast between mortality and immortality there; it was when he started his experiment with aluminum, expressing his inner revenge. He somehow wanted to scratch and hurt the surface of this shamelessly flashy metal. While trying to give out the sadness within, Koh Hon came to a realization, that he is bringing life to the silent, uninteresting metal. He is astonished with this transformation. On and on, he begins to enjoy the process of this metal carving.

고헌_Work 11 – 043_알루미늄에 그라인딩, 샌딩_114.5×166.5cm_2011
고헌_Work 11 – 040_알루미늄에 그라인딩, 폴리 아크릴 우레탄_62.5×114.5cm_2011
고헌_Work 11 – 041_알루미늄에 그라인딩, 폴리 아크릴 우레탄_60×120cm_2011

Koh Hon skillfully uses both surgical drills and industrial machines for carving. The craftsmanship is explicit with fine details; it is strong yet delicate. ● Under the spotlights. his works in aluminum gain warmth. The subject matter becomes alive as much as your eyes are. Reflection of lights and shadows are surely main players, giving the paintings a special way of appreciation. ■ Karen WU

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