2012 Biennales & Documenta

아트인아시아 2012년 11.12월호   November, December 2012 Vol.26

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SPECIAL FEATURE_2012 Biennales & Documenta: shifting gravity

SPECIAL FEATURE_2012 Biennales & Documenta: shifting gravity Korean Biennales: Whisper Agenda of Community_Jung Hyun dOCUMENTA(13): From the era of Confusion_Jin Whuiyeon World Biennale Forum: New Platform for World Biennales_Editorial Department

MUSEUM REPORT_Luxemburg, The New Fortress of European Art

MUSEUM REPORT Luxemburg, The New Fortress of European Art_Kyoung-yun Ho

REVIEW_ReBooting: ReBooting Korean Art in China

REVIEW ReBooting: ReBooting Korean Art in China_Huang Du Lim Dong-Lak: Geometry of Light, Embracing Venice_Robert C. Morgan Lee Seung Chul: Fusing Contemporary and Traditional_Kim Seung-ho Chen Wenling: Social Imagination of Laughter_Yoon Jin Sup

Editorial_Asia is Not One_Bog-gi Kim

EMERGENT ARTIST_Kim Yisu_Ryoichi Nakamura_Stone Kim

ART NEWS Anish Kapoor_Art of Change: New Directions from China_Der Offentlichkeit-Von Den Freunden Haus Der Kunst_Materializing_"Six Years" Lucy R. Lippard and the Emergence of Conceptual Art_Contemporary Istanbul_Art Basel Miami Beach_Chinese Contemporary Art Awards CCAA_Yanghyun Prize

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