Kim Tschang Yeul

아트인아시아 2013년 3.4월호   March, April 2013 Vol.27

아트인아시아 art in ASIA 서울 용산구 한남동 36-7번지 웅가로빌딩 5층 Tel. +82.2.797.2117

SPECIAL ARTIST_Kim Tschang-Yeul 1 From Plane to Surface_Oh Kwang-su 2 The Place of the Other_Pierre Restany 3 Between the Idea and the Material_Lee Ufan


FEATURE_Kuandu Biennale 2012 Artist in Wonderland_Editorial Department

FEATURE_Kuandu Biennale 2012

IMAGE LINK_Hasisi Park

IMAGE LINK_Hasisi Park

REVIEW 1 Revolving Stage_New Contemporary Art from China: Multiplicity of Chinese Art_Lee Sun-young 2 Yoo, Geun Taek : Restoration through Nature_Robert C. Morgan 3 Yeul Lee : Depicting the Earthy Sublime_Richard Vine 4 Shinro Ohtake : A Hoarder's 'Image Clock' Kim Jeong Bok

REVIEW_A Hoarder's 'Image Clock'

Editorial Like a Hopeful Spring Day_Bog-gi Kim

WHO WE MET Jesse Jones_Soo-young Kim

CURATOR'S VOICE_Changwon Sculpture Biennale Dreaming Sculpture_Seo Seong-Rok

EMERGENT ARTIST Prandeep Kalita_Lee Jeong Woong_Oh Seung Yul


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