55th La Biennale di Venezia Review

아트인아시아 2013년 7.8월호   July, August 2013 Vol.29

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SPECIAL FEATURE Venice Biennale 2013 1 Review: Biennale, the Politics of Notion Yongwoo Lee 2 Pictorial: 5 Keys of Encyclopedic Palace Editorial Dept. 3 Interview: Best National Pavilions 13 Soo-young Kim   Russia_Great Britain_China_Italy_Israel_Korea_United States_   Belgium_Romania_Poland_Japan_Arab Emitates_Taiwan

SPECIAL FEATURE Venice Biennale 2013

ARTIST Youn Myeung-Ro Relics of the Fissures Jin Sang Yoo

ARTIST Youn Myeung-Ro

REVIEW 1 Lee Wan: Oh, Pure Love, Choi Jeong Hwa: Kabbala, DNA_   The Sacred and the Profane of the Ready-made Jo Su Jin 2 CHU Teh-I: Colors/Forms_A Pioneer of Illusory Space Ni Tsai-Chin 3 Hae Kyung Lee_Forest of Harmony and Co-existence Park, Young Taek 4 Hito Steyerl_The Irrationality of Information-A Search for Nothing Julia E. Marsh

ARTIST'S ESSAY Miguel Angel Iglesias

ARTIST'S ESSAY Miguel Angel Iglesias

EDITORIAL In the Battlefield, Venice Biennale Bog-gi Kim

ART MARKET Art Fair Tokyo Ho Kyoung-yun

ART NEWS Takashi in Superflat Wonderland_MANIFOLD, Kohei Nawa_Xu Bing: Phoenix No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia_Francis Alys Haegue Yang: The Family of Equivocations_Abraaj Group Art Prize 2014 Imran Qureshi: Artist of the Year 2013_California-Pacific Triennial_8th Mdeia City Seoul Appoits It's New Director_10th Gwanju Biennale Appoits It's New Director_Frieze New York

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