Momentary Sonorant

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김설아_ Untitled_종이에 채색_226.06×137.16cm_2011

초대일시 / 2013_0803_토요일

관람시간 / 11:00am~06:00pm / 일요일 휴관

삭시 갤러리 SAKSHI GALLERY Synergy Art Foundation Ltd. 6/19, 2nd Floor, Grants Building, Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba, Mumbai, India Tel. +91.22.6610.3424

I see insects trace their patterns as imprints, and where the flutter of a wing carries the constant fluctuation of a life form. I see things covered with a mold or a cloud of dust that obscures them, and the mystic of ambiguity then lends its magic to perception. I look at shredded cloth used over time, like a woman's placenta that lies discarded by the womb. The breast of a woman, which swells in the ripeness of youth, and in later years tired, it lies heavy like a teardrop.

김설아_ Untitled_종이에 채색_226.06×137.16cm_2011_부분
김설아_Untitled_종이에 채색_168.91×152.4cm_2012
김설아_Untitled_종이에 채색_168.91×152.4cm_2012_부분

The process of creating for me is almost like a metaphor for confronting memories that I hold from my own personal past and private history. Recalled experiences are like a shroud of fog that hold the unexpectedness of fear, trying to trace things that I have perhaps known, seen, smelt or touched; but which still contain layers of meaning to be deciphered. My two-dimensional painted surfaces are akin to an infinite void where I have never been before, and which is where I want to examine my reality through a multi layered mosaic of memories.

김설아_Untitled_종이에 채색_195.58×121.92cm_2013
김설아_Untitled_종이에 채색_195.58×121.92cm_2013_부분
김설아_Untitled_종이에 채색_33.02×33.02cm_2013

My mind is always held captive by the intricacies of ingenuity that gets informed by experiencing, observing, and communicating; and which engages continuously in recording the subtle implications of meaning from my surroundings. The transformation of the observed to become the painted image holds multiple variations within the spaces that pattern my thoughts and fills my philosophical landscape. In the quiet solitude of my studio I paint each day. I paint because in doing so I understand myself and my life a little more each day. ■ KIMSEOLA

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