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초대일시 / 2014_0109 목요일_06:00pm

참여작가 권자연 Jayeon Gwon (Korea)_안세은 Se-Eun An (Korea)_안경수 Gyungsu An (Korea) 류신정 Shinjung Ryu (Korea)_배희경 Hee K. Bae (Korea)_채진숙 Jinsuk Che (Korea) Amer Mira_Tristram Miravalles_Guenivere Decena_Zelin Seah (Malaysia) Paul Eric Roca_Christopher ZamoraIqro' Ahmad Ibrahim (Indonesia) Nugroho Heri Cahyono_Leslie de Chavez, Gwon (Korea) Ritesh Ajmeri_Ranelle Dial_Joe Geraldo_Iggy Rodriguez

관람시간 / 10:00am~06:00pm

West Gallery 48 West Avenue, 1104 Quezon City Tel. +63.2.411.0336

Concurrence deals with multiplicity occurring simultaneously, transcending the limits of space and time. Emerging artists create their individual art projects in the construction of their identities, but at the same time are obliged to belong in the art world. They are necessitated to participate in exhibitions, markets, grants, awards, critiques, and writings. Increased mobility, real or virtual, creates a palette for requisite collaborative projects, as artists move together in shared experiences of a global society.

권자연 Jayeon Gwon (Korea)_Circling circles_Digital print_34×55cm_2010
Tristram Miravalles_Clouds of December_Acrylic and oil on shaped canvas_2014 Guenivere Decena_Rabbit Hole_Acrylic on shaped canvas_2014
Zelin Seah (Malaysia)_Broken Sculpture_Acrylic and oil on linen_120×90cm_2013 Iggy Rodriguez_Yakap_Pen & Ink on paper mounted on sintra board assemblage_94×85cm_2014
채진숙 Jinsuk Che (Korea)_Studio_Acrylic on canvas_57×102cm_2013

The exhibit provides a glimpse of the artist's divergent concerns. Their shared experiences happen simultaneously, coming together despite the differences in medium, content, location, and ideals. Concerns in contemporary art, institutional and otherwise, are also reflected in the works. The artists, while working together, contemporaneously enhance and stimulate each other in their practice. The initiative in engaging complexities in art production provides a template for growth and development, building towards a sustainable contemporary art world.

안경수 Gyungsu An (Korea)_On Ground_Acrylic on canvas_73×91cm_2013
류신정 Shinjung Ryu (Korea)_Dreaming City I, II, III, IV_(2 of 4)_Acrylic on canvas_15.5×23cm_2013
Leslie de Chavez_Untitled_Wood, antique wax, steel balls, oil, gold leaf_41×85×21cm_2014

Concurrence witnesses various narratives of cultures reflected and transformed by art. The projects range from personal, social, political, historical, and conceptual--yet each project comes together as a statement for contemporary Asian art. As an individual, an artist may deal with specific concepts of dreams and ideals, everyday lifestyle, socio-political critiques, and decay and decomposition; yet such individuality is transformed into a shared concern through multi-faceted connections. Individual art projects are transcribed into a unified goal, formed together in a meeting of intentions. Concurrence prevails even as it is subservient to diverging goals and recalcitrant to various powers.

Christopher Zamora_Still Here_Oil on canvas_149×105cm_2014 Paul Eric Roca_Ixion_Oil on Canvas_122×91cm_2014
Ranelle Dial_Ad Space Unleased_Oil on canvas_152×122cm_2014 Joe Geraldo_Hangin_Terracotta_90×30×35cm_2013 Ritesh Ajmeri (India)_Winding Time_Single channel video_00:05:00_2010

The exhibit is a collaborative project by Paul Eric Roca, Amer Mira, Guinnevere Decena, Ritesh Ajmeri, Zelin Seah, Christopher Zamora, Roedil Geraldo, Shinji Ryu, Iqro' Ahmad Ibrahim, Jayeon Kwon, Ranelle Rain, Tristam Miravalles, Che Jinsuk, An Gyungsu, Nugroho Heri Cahyono, Chong Ai Lei, Hee K. Bae, Leslie de Chavez, Se-Eun An, and Iggy Rodriguez. It is a multi-disciplinal exhibition of young, emerging artists from the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, India and Malaysia. It features diverse forms of contemporary artworks including drawings, paintings, inter-media, video installations and sculptures. The exhibition will be held at West Gallery from January 9 until February 9. Opening reception will be on January 9, 6:00 pm. ■ Maria Portia Olenka Placino

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