정유미展 / CHUNGYUMI / 鄭唯美 / installation.painting   2014_0125 ▶ 2014_0202 / 월요일 휴관

정유미_Untitled_천, 나무, 캐스터_183×285cm_2013

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정유미 홈페이지

초대일시 / 2014_0124_금요일_06:00pm

Curated by Yovi Jisun Song in collaboration with Alpha Art Association(

관람시간 / 12:00pm~06:00pm / 월요일 휴관

한미 갤러리 HANMI GALLERY 30 Maple Street, London, W1T 6HA, United Kingdom Tel. +44.20.8286.4426

The exhibition explore the way of classification between personal and public space as well as cultural differences in Seoul and London, in particular, artist's personal experiences of cultural differences dividing own's area, London and Seoul. ● Chung explores social context through language of space in this exhibition. She developed her interest in ways of creating emotional territories using the blind installation. In this show, she will show her new installations and paintings with everyday materials. Her new installation work, Untitled(2013), is consisted of the semitransparent vertical blinds remind of functional aspect of the curtain or blind to make a boundary between the outside and inner-side. The semitransparent vertical blinds are juxtaposed with fabrics, plastic bags and cleaning papers. The colours and its material properties indicate the functional aspect of the curtain or blind. The semitransparency, with its characteristics of visibility and invisibility, closely reflects the concept of defensiveness that underlines the need for privacy in our daily lives. The work transforms various kinds of everyday transparent materials in order to grasp the idea of the intangibility of the perception.

정유미_Untitled_천, 플라스틱 가방, 휴지, 버티칼 블라인드 헤드레일_256×213cm, 256×152cm_2013
정유미_Untitled_천, 플라스틱 가방, 휴지, 버티칼 블라인드 헤드레일_256×213cm, 256×152cm_2013
정유미_Untitled_플라스틱 가방, 합판_23×18×4cm×5_2013
정유미_Veiled as Seen_캔버스에 아크릴채색_110×160cm_2013
정유미_Untitled_천, 나무, 캐스터_183×285cm_2013_부분
정유미_Untitled_천, 나무, 캐스터_183×285cm_2013_부분

Yumi Chung, born 1982 in Seoul, South Korea, lives and works in London, UK. She received her BFA and MFA in Dept of Korean painting at Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea. She is undertaking a MFA course at Goldsmiths College. Chung awarded SOMA DRAWING CENTER Archive artist, Soma Museum of Art, Seoul in 2009 and SeMA Young Artist, Seoul Museum of Art in 2008. Recently, she exhibited Reflection of Society on Contemporary Art, Telecom Paristech, Paris, France(2013). She have featured her works including Korean Painting Fantasy-Sensuous Reinterpretations of Korean Painting, Seoul Museum of Art Nam Seoul(2010), NANJI AIR PROJECT2, Nanji Art Studio(2008), Impudent, ssamzie space 602(2004), Thick-Skinned, Rooseum Test-Site, Malmö, Sweden(2004). Her work is included in many prominent South Korean public collections such as Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, and KOLON, Gyeonggi-do. ■ Yovi Jisun Song

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