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아트인아시아 2014년 1.2월호   January, Feburary 2014 Vol.32

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SPECIAL FEATURE   What is Contemporary Art Magazine? 1 How to deal with a Globalized Art World?    Bijutsu Techo_On the Frontlines of Japanese Art / Teiya Iwabuchi    ArtAsiaPacific_A Hub for Asia and Pacific / Elaine W. Ng    Art in America_A Century of Tradition / Lindsay Pollock    Artlink_Contemporary Indigenous / Stephanie Britton 2 Where Discourse and Practice Meet    Artforum_An Argument for Art / Michelle Kuo    The Exhibitionist_Curator as Author! / Jens Hoffmann    Frog_Only Looking at Necessary Things! / Eric Troncy    Afterall_The Academic and Artistic Practice / Pablo Lafuente 3 Survival Strategies for the Print Media Crisis    Parkett_For Artists, by Artists / Bice Curiger    art press_Different Voices in Public Debates / Anael Pigeat    Mousse_Young Sensation, Trendsetter for Art / Edoardo Bonaspetti    Open!_Online Platform Is Opened! / Jorinde Seijdel

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FOCUS   Inauguration of Hakgojae Pulse of Shanghai   Editorial Department

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ART MARKET 1 Abu Dhabi in the Mood of Art! / Song Hee-jung 2 Hong Kong, Global Art Market Hub / S. Min Lee

ART MARKET_Abu Dhabi in the Mood of Art!

Editorial The Year of Biennale of Asia / Bog-gi Kim

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