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김봄_Wander around the Beijing_캔버스에 아크릴채색_180×180cm_2014

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现在的中国与8年前来访时的中国相比,发生了很大的变化。在这期间,召开了北京奥运会,选出了新任国家主席,并且在经济、社会、城市整体方面发生了飞速的发展。到达北京之后,首先去的地方就是天安门广场和故宫博物馆。过去的天安门事件中高喊自由光荣牺牲的众人的哭泣声与目前接连不断的游客的脚步混合在一起。那里被记忆成为了可感受到历史悲痛的悲喜交加之地。 爬到景山公园、颐和园和鼓楼的顶峰俯视北京,其面貌过度壮观。那一瞬间感觉到了中国从古至今不断展现出的大陆的力量。在『Wander around the Beijing』作品中从游览都市的多个角度,以全新的地图形式(mapping),重新诠释了观察的风景。不管在何处,在“特定场所”中总会存在蕴含那里独特的社会、文化特征的故事。以发生在北京的事件和逸事为基础,把可融合时代状况(现场性)的痕迹和个人的体验混合在一起,在实际位置重现,创造出了全新的图案。 『爨』作品是位于山区的一个古老房屋和现代文明共存的村庄(爨底下村:500多年前明朝时期形成的韩氏聚集村)。在层峦叠嶂的山脚下自然形成的四合院精巧雅致地坐落在那里。冰凉的冬天寒风围绕着高山,背阴的村庄不知从何处唤来了凄凉和悲痛。所以也许人们心怀降临温暖气息的心愿,选用火上燃烧着两棵树的“爨”字起了村庄的名字。 2个月如梦般地过去了。在陌生的环境中获得的新想法以及积累的记忆将会成为今后人生和创作的基础。 ■ 金봄

김봄_爨_캔버스에 아크릴채색_50×100cm_2014
김봄_Somewhere1_종이에 펜_78.5×109cm_2013
김봄_Somewhere2_종이에 펜_76×56.5cm_2014
김봄_Barber_종이에 수채_24.8×35.5cm_2014
김봄_Soldiers_종이에 수채_24.8×35.5cm_2014

There were a lot of changes between the current of China and China 8years ago when I visited. Meanwhile, Beijing Olympics were held and the whole economy, society, and city were having a steady development while the state president was newly elected. The first place we find when we arrive at Beijing, is Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. The tears of many people who shouted out for liberty and were sacrificed during the past Tiananmen Square massacre are coexisting with constant tourists in the present. It's reminded as a place where both happiness and sorrow exists with a pain of history. Looking down at Beijing's sight from the top in Jingshan Park, Summer Palace, and Gulou is spectacular. It's the moment we can feel the power of the endless continent from China's past to the current. In the work 'Wander around the Beijing', I reinterpreted the scenes observed from various angles of the cities I traveled to a new mapping form. Anywhere in a 'certain place', stories containing that place's social and cultural features exist. Based on the episodes and anecdotes in Beijing, I created a new design by mixing circumstances of the times(site features) and personal experience. The work '爨' is a town placed on the countryside where a old house and modern civilization coexist(Cuan di xia cun-the Han clans village formed at Ming 500years ago). Siheyuan, naturally formed by layers of a foot of a mountain is in there exquisitely and elaborately. The town shaded and surrounded by high mountains with chilly winter air, arouse some kind of bleak and mournful feelings. Maybe people named the town '爨(chan)'-a fireplace where two large trees burn furiously upon the fire-because they are desiring that the town should be covered with warm feelings. 2month passed away like a dream. The new ideas and the accumulated memories that I gained staying in a strange environment, will be a large foundation in my further life and work. ■ KIMBOM

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