Re-Mapping Asia 30 Glocal Artists

아트인아시아 2014년 3.4월호   March, April 2014 Vol.33

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SPECIAL FEATURE   Re-Mapping Asia 30 Glocal Artists INDONESIA: Mix and Collage, Aesthetics of Hybrids / Alia Swastika THAILAND: Siamese Tradition, Beyond Nationalism / David TehSINGAPORE: Multi-Tasking of Artist-Curator / Heman Chong VIETNAM: Another Method for Regional Art / Richard Streitmatter-TranTAIWAN: Evolution from Cultural Diversity / Tsai Chao-Yi HONG KONG: Two Faces of Asia’s World City / Yung Ma

SPECIAL FEATURE_Re-Mapping Asia 30 Glocal Artists

ARTIST Chae Tong-yull The Guardians Beyond the Paling / Michael Gibson

ARTIST_yull The Guardians Beyond the Paling

IMAGE LINK Park Chan-Kyong

IMAGE LINK_Park Chan-Kyong

CURATOR'S VOICE Rewriting the Landscape: India and China Landscape of Differencies / Kate Lim

CURATOR'S VOICE_Landscape of Differencies

EDITORIAL 30 Years as a Journalist / Bog-gi Kim

ARTIST Park HyunjuDipiction of Light / Shim Sang-yong

REVIEW Performa 13: Performance, Once More / Kim HaejuJan Fabre: The Blue Hour, to the Eternal Space / Jo CouckeMayuka Yamamoto: Into the Unfamiliar World / Kho Chung-Hwan

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