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주혜윤_Radiance_장지에 채색_53×45.5cm_2014

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보여 지는 꽃이 아닌, 그 꽃 안에서 퍼져 나오는 색은 끝없는 공간으로 퍼져나가고 그것은 단순한 색이 아닌 따뜻한 빛이 퍼져나가는 존재의 울림이다. 우연히 만나게 되는 자연의 색은 나와의 만남을 통해 그것은 의미 있는 색으로 존재한다. 종이가 물을 자연스럽게 흡수하고 겹겹이 쌓인 투명한 색면들의 만남은 선과 면이 되고, 눈에는 보이지 않는 무한 공간으로 퍼져나간다. 색면과 색면의 중첩에서 만들어지는 또 다른 우연이면서 필연적인 색들은 선과 면이 되어 존재의 깊이감과 공간으로의 확장을 표현한다. 존재의 형체보다 색 그 자체를 드러냄으로써 작은 소우주의 빛을 형체로부터 벗어나 생명의 빛과 색을 드러내고자 한다. 장지에 채색을 여러 번 칠하는 중첩의 과정을 통해 푸른빛은 더욱 깊어진다. 본인의 작업은 자연이 가진 빛의 에너지를 드러내기 위해 색의 깊이감과 정신성을 표현하는 것에 초점을 맞췄다. ■ 주혜윤

주혜윤_Radiance_장지에 채색_100×100cm×2_2014
주혜윤_Radiance_장지에 채색_130×110cm_2014
주혜윤_Radiance_장지에 채색_110×130cm_2014
주혜윤_Radiance_장지에 채색_110×110cm_2014
주혜윤_Radiance_장지에 채색_53×65.1cm_2014

I'm captivated by the moments of serenity when I get lost in my work. In those moments, I am able to let go of everything and let the color take over me. Flowers are my wishes to light and symbolizes my desire to share my life. A flower is more than a simple plant to me. It epitomizes the intended harmony between the nature and mankind. A flower that radiates its color naturally is life, energy, and a friend. I communicate with the flower by listening to its sound, smelling its scent, and sharing stories. Our interaction never ends. We constantly interact with ourselves, others, and our surrounding environment. Through these endless interactions, we express our color and aroma. When the light of life and the energy of aroma spread among us, we can truly connect with each other and grow together. The color green embodies hope, spirituality, and devotion. Also, the tranquility and warmth of green allows me to communicate with my painting. Nature uses the flowers to express its green colors and manifests its energy through them. The colors expressed by the flowers are stories that they wish to tell the world around them. These, often unexpected, stories we encounter touch our hearts and move us. ● Even at this very moment, a flower bud opens up and life-giving energy of light fills its surroundings. We can understand one another by sharing this energy, and it leads to harmony in this world. I came upon this green light on a path to learning who I am, and I am uncertain where it will take me next All the different rays of light! Come and share your stories with the world. I hope that our interaction with this smallest of living things and the calm stories told permeate deeply through each other. ■ JOOHYEYOON

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