Fields of Immersion

윤성필展 / YUNSUNGFEEL / 尹聖弼 / painting   2014_0929 ▶ 2014_1222 / 일요일 휴관

윤성필_ENERGY 15_스테인레스 스틸, 볼트, 너트_40×38×20cm_2014

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윤성필 홈페이지

Artist Talk / 2014_0930_화요일_Hanmi Gallery

Hanmi Gallery / 2014_0929 ▶ 2014_1010 Art'Loft / 2014_1123 ▶ 2014_1222

관람시간 / 12:00pm~06:00pm / 일요일 휴관

Hanmi Gallery 30 Maple Street London W1T 6HA Tel. +44.(0)207.436.9717

Art'Loft 36 RUE DU CHARME 1190 BRUSSELS BELGIUM Tel. +32.(0)496.88.25.23 www.ARTLOFT.EU

Hanmi Gallery is proud to present Sungfeel Yun's solo exhibition "Fields of Immersion". Based in London since 2008, Korean-born artist Sungfeel Yun has united his collection of conclusions about the interrelations between art, spirituality, and theoretical science in his latest exhibition at Hanmi Gallery. Materialising an essence of density and cosmic energy in his paintings and sculptures, physical matter on the surface of his paintings and modular forms transmits invisible electromagnetic forces to the audience and pulsates through the exhibition space, delivering the title to his latest show—"Fields of Immersion". "Fields of Immersion" encompasses a range of Yun's works that are bound together by the theme of revolution—cosmic revolution and the revolution of life in the scale of the human mind. With a profound and complex understanding of the balance between the obscure and the graspable perceptions of invisible forces, Yun embraces the universe and offers the audience tranquillity in chaos; stillness in movement; and immensity in visual forms in his final solo show in London after 6 years of work here.

윤성필_ENERGY 16_알루미늄, 볼트, 너트_40×40×20cm_2014
윤성필_ENERGY 17_알루미늄, 볼트, 너트_40×40×20cm_2014
윤성필_ENERGY 18_스테인레스 스틸, 볼트, 너트_50×50×41cm_2014

In his artwork, Yun explores the connection between the theoretical sciences, such as string theory and quantum mechanics, and Eastern philosophies. By incorporating rotating magnets, motors, and action sensors in his Chaos, Cosmos and Circulation Series; structures reminscient of topological forms in his Energy Series, Yun opens a dialogue between physical science and aesthetics, bridging these seemingly contradicting ideas through artistic expression. The full circle motif he employs is more than a visual representation of the cyclic nature of creation and destruction—the Yin and Yang in Taoism and Buddhism, but a conscious contemplation of spiritual and physical laws from within and without the self and the cosmos.

윤성필_Looking at The real world from within The real world 23_ 알루미늄, 자석, 모터, 액션 센서, 철분_90×244×41cm_2014

His works are minimal and perfectly harmonious, his thoughts expressed with distilled clarity. He states: "I avoid redundancy and superfluousness in visualizing my ideas, as visual flamboyance often cloud my ideas within the works. My works are concise records of my self-exploration, and my thoughts on the universe." The simple yet deeply powerful cyclic motif fluctuates in the minds of the audience with the vastness of infinitely expanding and contracting two-dimensional planes in all directions, confronting the audience with the artist's and their own existence in this universe.

윤성필_Looking at The real world from within The real world 23_ 스테인레스 스틸, 자석, 모터, 액션 센서, 동전_185×70×36cm_2014

Sungfeel Yun completed his MFA in Sculpture at the Slade in 2013 following an Art Practice BA from Goldsmiths. He was awarded the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize, Special Commendation, North Devon, E.K. in 2013. He has been included in the 2013 New Sensation, 50 Long List by the Saatchi Gallery and selected as one of the 40 artists for the Catlin Guide 2014. His solo exhibitions include Chaos, Cosmos and Circulation at Pyo Gallery, Seoul (2012), Looking at The real world from within The real world, Zaha Museum, Seoul (2012), and an exhibition with the same name at sketch, London (2014). He has also participated in a number of group exhibitions including the 2013 Broomhill National Sculpture Prize, North Devon, UK and 4482 Map Korea, Barge House, London (2012). Yun lives and works in London and Seoul. ■ Hanmi gallery

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