Venice Biennale in 11 Topics

아트인아시아 2015년 7.8월호   Jul, Aug 2015 Vol.41

아트인아시아 art in ASIA 서울 용산구 한남동 36-7번지 웅가로빌딩 5층 Tel. +82.2.797.0539

VENICE BIENNALE: The Bell Tolling for the Future_Hyun-jin Kim The Curious Symbiosis with the Capital_Lorenzo Fusi Festival of Readings and Songs_Hae-ju Kim Venice, a Passage to the World_Kyung-yun Ho

THE ART OLYMPICS National Pavilion's Raison d'Être_Tiffany Chae The Heroes behind the Korean Pavilion_Yong-woo Lee Enter the Arena_Samson Kambalu Art Wars: China versus All_Anthea Fan

IMAGE LINK Yunho Kim: Typological Subversion of the Landscape

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