A Fire That Never Dies

홍영인展 / HONGYOUNGIN / 洪英仁 / painting.embroidery   2016_0114 ▶ 2016_0220 / 일요일 휴관

홍영인_Burning Love_Viscose rayon threads, cotton_290×360cm_2014 Photo: Courtesy of Plateau

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초대일시 / 2016_0114_목요일_05:00pm

작가와의 대화 / 2016_0116_토요일_02:00pm

관람시간 / 12:00pm~06:00pm / 토_12:00pm~04:00pm / 일요일 휴관

스웨덴 스톡홀름 시실리아 힐스트럼 갤러리 Cecilia Hillström Gallery Hälsingegatan 43, 113 31 Stockholm, Sweden Tel. +46.707.646568 chgallery.se

It is with great pleasure Cecilia Hillström Gallery presents the second solo show with Korean artist Young In Hong. In recent years, Young In Hong has continued to develop a unique body of work by using Korean free-hand machine embroidery inspired by the forms and contexts of English tapestry. Based in London over the past years, her interest in modern Asian craftsmanship and its exploration through a Western context, has become one of her main concerns. A Fire That Never Dies brings together a new body of work that concentrate on lost moments, mostly where social unrest is at stake. Focusing on the recent history of Modern Korea and furthering her quest for capturing the immaterial, transitional nature of collective experience, Hong pinpoints politically and emotionally charged moments of political consciousness and rituals of celebration.

홍영인_The Square Saddened_ Viscose rayon threads, cotton_65×97.5cm_2016
홍영인_Shadow of Us_ Viscose rayon threads, acrylic, flat gems (aluminum), mesh fabric, cotton_73×100cm_2016
홍영인_Burning with Triadic Harmony_ Viscose rayon threads, decoration flat gems (glass, imitation crystal)_207.5×148cm_2016

Employing a combination of different media ranging from photography to painting and embroidery, alongside insertions of garment making techniques, Hong's series is charged with pathos and grievance. She forms associations between sewing and painting, not only through combining them in a singular frame, but also through provoking their labour intensive qualities. Each image is formed of threads that exceed the frame. The exhibition is accompanied by a small publication with a text by Fatos Üstek, an independent writer and curator based in London. She is currently Art Fund Curator at fig-2. Üstek was also associate curator for the 10th Gwangju Biennale in South Korea last year, curated by Jessica Morgan, director of Dia Art Foundation.

홍영인_Silhouette of Fire_ Decoration gems (imitation crystal), cashmere wool_65×65cm (when installed)_2016
홍영인_A Deep Prayer_Viscose rayon threads, cotton, Polyester fabric_168×163×10cm_2016
홍영인_Burning with Triadic Harmony_Viscose rayon threads, cotton, Polyester fabric_2016_부분
홍영인_Rhythmic Flowers_Viscose rayon threads, cotton, Polyester fabric_2016_부분
홍영인_A Fire That Never Dies展_스웨덴 스톡홀름 시실리아 힐스트럼 갤러리_2016
홍영인_A Fire That Never Dies展_스웨덴 스톡홀름 시실리아 힐스트럼 갤러리_2016

Young In Hong (b 1972) is based in London and Seoul and holds a PhD in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College London. She had her first exhibition at Cecilia Hillström Gallery in the spring of 2013. Hong's work has been shown in international venues such as ICA London (2015), Gwangju Biennale (2014), Plateau Museum, Seoul (2014), Museum of Art and Design, New York (2011), Saatchi Gallery (2010), and a special exhibition at Liverpool Biennale (2008). Furthermore, Hong has been exhibiting extensively in Europe and Asia and is represented in the collections at Nya Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Korean Eye, London, and Gyeonggi MOMA, Korea ■ Cecilia Hillström Gallery

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