Station Paradox 역설역

한국독일국제교류展   2018_0126 ▶ 2018_0304 / 월,화요일 휴관

CTM 페스티벌 / 2018_0128_일요일_03:00pm_Studio 2

참여작가 한국 / 김기라_김진우_박지혜_장재록 독일 / David Kripprndorff_Claudia Chaseling Milovan Markovic_이혜림

퍼포먼스 / 2018_0126_금요일

기획 / Rachel Rits-Volloch_최정미 디자인 / Emilio Rapana 후원 / 한국문화예술위원회 협력 / 디스쿠어스베를린(독일)_간송미술관_트라이앵글_열매컴퍼니(한국)

관람시간 / 01:00pm~07:00pm / 월,화요일 휴관

모멘툼 MOMENTUM Kunstquartier Bethanien Mariannenplatz 2, 10997, Berlin Tel. +49.17630398792

This exhibition is a dialogue between 8 Korean and Berlin-based artists working with painting, video art, installation, and performance. As the title suggests, cultural dialogue can often be paradoxical. The artists selected for this exhibition push the boundaries of what is expected from their medium of production. ● The opening of Station Paradox on 26 Janauary 2018 is timed to coincide with the opening of Berlin's CTM festival for experimental music and media art, taking place in the same building. This date guarantees the highest attendance figures for our opening. This exhibition will be cross-promoted by MOMENTUM, and partner gallery Diskurs Berlin, of which co-curator Jung Me Chai is the director. ● MOMENTUM is a non-profit platform for time-based art, active worldwide since 2010, with headquarters in Berlin at the Kunstquartier Bethanien Art Center. MOMENTUM's program is composed of local and international Exhibitions, Artist and Curator Residencies, Video Art in Public Space Initiatives, a Performance Program and Archive, an Education Initiative and Archive, and a growing Collection. By enabling Exhibition, Discussion, Research, Creation, Collection, and Exchange, MOMENTUM is a platform which challenges the notion of time-based art in the context of both historical and technological development. ● Visual languages continue to evolve in concert with the technologies which drive them, and it is the role of visual artists to push the limits of these languages. As the world speeds up, and time itself seems to flow faster, MOMENTUM provides a program focused on the growing diversity and relevance of time-based practices, exploring how timebased art reflects the digitization of our societies and the resulting cultural change. Positioned as both a local and global platform, MOMENTUM serves as a bridge joining professional art communities, irrespective of institutional, national, and disciplinary borders. Working on a model of international partnerships and cooperations, MOMENTUM supports artists and artistic innovation, bringing to Berlin work by international artists that would not otherwise have been seen here, and ensuring an international audience for exceptional local artists. The key ideas driving MOMENTUM are: Cooperation, Exchange, Education, Innovation, and Inspiration. MOMENTUM continuously seeks innovative answers to the question 'What is time-based art?'. ■ Rachel Rits-Volloch

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