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박경률展 / PARKKYUNGRYUL / 朴徑律 / mixed media   2018_0608 ▶ 2018_0630 / 월요일 휴관

박경률_No title but a little bird_캔버스에 유채, 나무_가변크기_2018

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박경률 홈페이지_www.parkyungryul.com

초대일시 / 2018_0608_금요일_06:00m

관람시간 / 02:00pm~06:00pm / 월요일 휴관

렁글리 갤러리 Lungley Gallery 438 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AA, London Tel. +44.7738.096092 www.marklungley.com

박경률_A pretty face_캔버스에 유채_80×80cm_2018
박경률_Catch 22_캔버스에 유채_53×65cm_2018

Behind Kyungryul Park's playful and imaginative paintings are words, carefully dissected and rebuilt with a fresh narrative, through the usage of language, stories and paint. "My practice is a place where constant association from the subconscious is realised, and subsequently, an unexpected story comes about," the artist explains to us. "I try to chase intuitive and playful imagination behind word that I find from a mundane text. I rebuild its narrative system through subconscious involvement with the usage of language, collecting stories, and the form of painterly materiality; then they eventually become a huge, complex 'installation' residing in a space so that it allows me to give a volume to systemically even text." ■ Mark Lungley

Vol.20180608a | 박경률展 / PARKKYUNGRYUL / 朴徑律 / mixed media