on evenness

박경률展 / PARKKYUNGRYUL / 朴徑律 / mixed media   2018_0608 ▶︎ 2018_0630 / 월요일 휴관

박경률_No title but a little bird_캔버스에 유채, 나무_가변크기_2018

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박경률 홈페이지_www.parkyungryul.com

초대일시 / 2018_0608_금요일_06:00m

후원 / 한국문화예술위원회_국제교류지원사업

관람시간 / 02:00pm~06:00pm / 월요일 휴관

렁글리 갤러리 Lungley Gallery 438 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AA, London Tel. +44.7738.096092 www.marklungley.com

The exhibition is comprised of paintings and works on paper. In each work, the artist employs formal dualities from the art historical canon – namely, narration versus abstraction, colour versus line, flat versus passive space, and painting versus drawing. ● The works elude easy categorization, moving freely between apparent abstraction and coded figuration, between traditional painting and illustration. Highly intuitive in approach, rich, colourful paintings flow with a stream of conscious expression, and forms radiate incoherent rhythm. The heterogeneity evident in each composition invites the viewer to resist finding a resolve in finished artworks but indulge in the liminal space that Park creates using her own visual language. ● The pleasure in Park's work is in the complexity of her application, layers overlap and forms appear to collide descending into a curious mix of action and associative reference where bodily experience, memory and perception become embroiled. In A Meeting Place (2018) a limited palette of yellow and oranges is applied as blocky planes of colour and thick line delineations create a daedalean sense of space. Engaged in the semiotics of painterly language itself: thick impasto mixes readily with large brush strokes and shrewd mark making, radiant hues and hurried gestures appear in their own space and time revealing unrelated unconscious.

박경률_on evenness展_렁글리 갤러리_2018
박경률_A pretty face_캔버스에 유채_80×80cm_2018
박경률_Catch 22_캔버스에 유채_53×65cm_2018
박경률_on evenness展_렁글리 갤러리_2018

Gestural brush marks record the creative process through painterly illusion; the composition suggests an organic architecture, evoking an expanse of internalised psychological perception. Park's composition suggests private thought that is simultaneously whimsical and brutal. Yet, strangely intimate, her abstractions negotiate a space for both ideas and feelings, attune with an emotional appreciation. Park's hypersensitive style captivates with a convincing resonance, negotiating the sublime traditions of abstract painting with a unique and momentous confidence she paints with a sense of spontaneous immediacy, ultimately, conveying a sense of experimentation and discovery with in her contemplative gestures. ● Refuting the typical dichotomy of fast drawings and slow paintings, Park's works do not exist within a fixed chronology of creation. Some compositions are made in a day, others over the course of months. What is of primary concern is the examination of the hierarchy between media that seemingly exists in art making. By refusing to acknowledge any media-specific pecking order within each picture– Are these drawings? Paintings? Or none of the above? – The artist generates works that interrogates the very production of her practice. Mark Lungley ■ Mark Lungley

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