Travelling through the seasons

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박능생_Spain-Granada_종이에 수묵_53×36cm_2018

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Travels through seasons ● The gallery space is not dissimilar to open space in the way in which a human experiences. For me the experience of space informs the way in which I understand the human body which is so fundamental to the process of my works.

박능생_Spain-Granada_종이에 수묵

The works are a result of the experiencing the context of the environment, starting from nature, and experiencing the boundaries of the city. From a number of years ago I've discovered this boundary condition in many other cities, travelling to New York, Paris, Berlin, Spain and China. Through the experience of new and foreign spaces I worked to understand the city through sketches, brush paintings and physically walking or climbing the terrain.

박능생_Spain-Granada_종이에 수묵, 모래흙_53×36cm_2018
박능생_Spain-Granada_종이에 수묵

My painting has a composition that emphasizes various points of view. It is the size of the paper where there are self-contained various points of movement, and no single overall perspective view, little segments of daily life and movement contained within a landscape of serenity. Each work captures a varies of small segments of human condition, in a sense allowing the viewer to experience this miniature world freely, and with ease in comparison to the energy and physical movement of seeing all these scenes. These visual scenes of contemplation are focused in the mind of the viewer; stimulating the mental ability to perceive the real world and almost allowing the view to experience flight and flying, the weightlessness and physical burden taken off their shoulders.

박능생_Spain-Madrid_종이에 수묵, 아크릴채색_36×53cm_2018
박능생_Spain-Madrid_종이에 수묵

In viewing my works, I imagine the scale and detail allows the viewer to experience the freedom from the built environment, and actively engage the viewer just by looking. ■ PARKNUNGSAENG

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