Electronic Nostalgia

김영헌展 / KIMYOUNGHUN / 金永憲 / painting   2019_0313 ▶︎ 2019_0427 / 일,월요일 휴관

김영헌_p1833-Electronic Nostalgia_캔바스에 유채_162×130cm_2018

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Artist Reception / 2019_0312_화요일_06:00pm

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Curated / Robert Curcio

관람시간 / 11:00am~06:00pm / 일,월요일 휴관

갤러리 리챠드 GALERIE RICHARD 121 Orchard street New York, NY 10002 Tel. +1.212.510.8181 www.galerierichard.com

Kim's paradoxical screen-like paintings can induce disorientation or euphoria or tranquility as the viewer suspends ordinary visual perception as they tentatively stay afloat in the grooves of distortion. This mashup of an analog moment in a digital age of electronic nostalgia is retrieved from Kim's childhood memories of being part of the first generation of television watchers as well as his love of vinyl albums to today carrying an accumulation of "smart" devices.

김영헌_Electronic Nostalgia展_갤러리 리챠드_2019

In providing a reference point for his paintings, Kim explains that "People like me, born in between the analog generation and digital generation, are looking at something that has been erased between the digital signal of 0's and 1's. Those somethings are similar to the mathematical infinity that exists between the two digital codes, or the linear sonic signal that exists in the micro valleys of a vinyl record - for those that remember them."

김영헌_p1906-Electronic Nostalgia_캔바스에 유채_249.5×194cm_2019
김영헌_p1829-Electronic Nostalgia_캔바스에 유채_152×137cm_2018
김영헌_p1904-Electronic Nostalgia_캔바스에 유채_152×244cm_2019

The paintings balance a delicate sense of line with a post-abstract painting language influenced by traditional Korean painting technique called Hyukpil which uses a multicolored brush with a single continuous brush stroke. Kim's method of a repeated thin single layer of paint across the canvas creates a virtual skin tracing the fluid behavior of the line as his hand slightly trembles. There can only be one layer of paint used to create each line, otherwise, the line can easily be erased. Solid non-linear blocks of bold colored pigment applied with a palette knife interrupt the serenity and clarity of the signal stream of the lines. The spectrum of colors within the paintings vacillates from tantalizing pastels and neon bursts to modulated grays and neutral browns.

김영헌_p1836-Electronic Nostalgia_캔바스에 유채_60.8×51cm_2018
김영헌_p1830-Electronic Nostalgia_캔바스에 유채_91×121.5cm_2018

Kim, Young-Hun (born 1964 in Nonsan, Korea) lives and works in New York City and Seoul. He is a graduate of the Chelsea College of Art and Design and studied at Gold Smiths College both in London. Kim has exhibited extensively internationally with over ten solo and 60 group exhibitions. His paintings are in a number of prestigious public and corporate collections, such as Bank of America, NYC, and The Arts Club, London, and in numerous museums. ■ Robert Curcio

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