Exultation is the going

エグザルテイション・イズ・ザ・ゴーイング展   2020_0313 ▶︎ 2020_0322

Tour Meeting / 2020_0318_수요일_07:00pm~09:00pm Exhibition Meeting / 2020_0321_토요일_05:00pm~07:00pm

참여작가 김인숙 Insook Kim 金仁淑 신도 후유카 Fuyuka Shindo 進藤冬華 타구치 유키히로 Yukihiro Taguchi 田口行弘 타나카 료수케 Ryosuke N. Tanaka 田中良佑 토모마사 마리코 Mariko Tomomasa 友政麻理子 나우프스 라미레스=필게로아 Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa ナウフス・ラミレス=フィグエロア

Organized AMSEA(Art Management of Socially Engaged Art) The University of Tokyo (Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan)

관람시간 / 01:00pm~08:00pm / 22 March_11:00am~03:00pm

부이 BUoY 49-11 Senjyunaka-cho Adachi-ku Tokyo Japan buoy.or.jp

エミリー・ディキンソン(1830年- 1886年)は人生の大半を生家の中で過ごし、詩を書き続けたと言われています。死後にその多くが発見された1700篇にのぼる彼女の詩のうち、76の通し番号がつけられたExultation is the goingで始まるものは、陸に住むものが海に出ることの喜びをうたっています。見たことのない土地や未来に対する喜びや希望と同時に、特定の環境にとどまるなかで抱く苦悩について考えることができるしょう。 現代では、テクノロジーの発展に伴う交通手段の多様化により、人の「移動」は活発化しています。夢想するだけでなく、さまざまな場所に容易に赴くことができるようになった一方で、意に反して移動を強いられる人々や、望まない土地に停滞を余儀無くされる人々もいます。 6名の作家による展覧会と3つのツアーを通して、人々の移動や停滞に焦点を当て、地球上に遍在する制約の中でいかに生きるのかを問いかけます。 ■ AMSEA

Exultation is the going展_부이_2020
타구치 유키히로 Yukihiro Taguchi_ discuvry_00:46:00_단채널 비디오_2013~4
Exultation is the going展_부이_2020
토모마사 마리코 Mariko Tomomasa_Anita's eye_3채널 비디오 설치_00:54:07_2020
나우프스 라미레스=필게로아 Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa_Incremental Architecture_ 단채널 비디오_00:12:41_2015
신도 후유카 Fuyuka Shindo_Child of Settlers_설치_가변크기_2018
Exultation is the going展_부이_2020
타나카 료수케 Ryosuke N. Tanaka_Fountain_Zine_2018
김인숙 Insook Kim_The Real Wedding Ceremony_00:18:18, 118×160cm_2018
김인숙 Insook Kim_The Real Wedding Ceremony_00:18:18, 118×160cm_2020

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) spent most of her life at home writing poetry. While she was a prolific poet, fewer than a dozen of her nearly 1,800 poems were published during her lifetime. Only after her younger sister, Lavinia, discovered her collection of poems, did the breadth of Dickinson's work finally become public. In “Exultation is the Going" (1876), Dickinson describes the journey of an inland soul to sea - a powerful expression of the soul's departure for the blessed afterlife. Dickinson ponders the mystery and delights of the unknown, as well as the anguish of remaining in earthly bounds. ● It can be said that free movement of people utilizing modern transportation and technology vitalizes humanity. On the other hand, many people are involuntarily held or moved against their will. This exhibition includes six artists and three tour focusing on the movement and stagnation of people, asking how we can live within the constraints of the world. ■ AMSEA

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