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우창원_Inner Monolog #04_50×37.5cm_2020

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K.P 갤러리는 2020년 9월 15일부터 10월 9일까지 우창원 작가의 『INNER MONOLOG ; 내게 말을 해』 전을 개최한다. 극중 배우가 혼자서 자신의 생각을 소리내어 말하는 독백을 의미하는 Monolog는 스스로를 이해하기 위해 자신의 내면에 귀 기울이는 내적인 언어이며 자신에 대한 진실한 고백이다. ● 우창원 작가는 이번 전시를 통해 사람들의 얼굴을 석고로 본뜬 인물의 초상작업과 식물들의 모습을 촬영한 20여점의 새로운 작품들을 소개한다. 이를 통해 작가는 환경과 시간에 가려진 사물과 사람들과의 관계에서 바라본 대상들의 본질을 들여다보려 시도하고 '나는 누구인가?' 라는 근원적인 질문에 대한 답을 구한다.

우창원_Inner Monolog #09_120×80cm_2020
우창원_Inner Monolog #02_120×80cm_2020

식물에 페인트를 칠하거나, 인물의 석고 마스크를 다시 촬영한 그의 작업은 작가 자신을 발견하고 본질에 다가가려는 노력이다. 작품들은 처음 우창원 작가의 이야기로 시작하지만 시간이 지남에 따라 '그'를 거쳐 '나'를 생각하고 '우리'를 바라보게 만든다. ● K.P 갤러리는 『INNER MONOLOG ; 내게 말을 해』 전시를 통해 내면에 숨겨진 우리들의 이야기에 귀 기울이고 '내게 말을 해' 작가의 독백과 함께 보여지는 그의 작품들을 통해 우리들 각자의 가치와 의미를 발견하고 서로에 대한 위안을 얻게되는 경험을 함께 나누고자 한다.

우창원_Inner Monolog #03_120×80cm_2020

'Inner Monolog; 내게 말을해' ● 누군가 내게 물은 '나는 지금 행복한가?' 질문에 답을 하기 어렵다. 거울에 비친 얼굴이 낯설고 어색하다. 왜 이런 모습이 되었을까? 사람들의 모습도 나와 그리 다르지 않다. 겉으로 보이는 편안함과 달리 그들의 얼굴에서 고단한 삶의 흔적이 느껴진다. 사람들의 얼굴에는 그들이 가졌던 시간과 책임져야 했던 삶이 각인되어 있다. 우리들은 고단하고 힘들다. ● 'Inner Monolog; 내게 말을 해' 작업은 석고를 이용해 제작한 사람들의 마스크를 사진으로 촬영한 작업이다. 나는 정지된 사람들의 얼굴에서 그들의 이야기를 듣고 내 모습을 찾는다. 자세히 들여다볼수록 사람들의 모습은 그리 다르지 않다. 마스크를 통해 바라 본 사람들은 모두 조용하고 편안하다. 내 안의 고단함도 조금씩 편안해지기 시작한다. 이런 고요함이 좋다. (우창원 작업노트) ■ KP 갤러리

우창원_Inner Monolog #01_120×80cm_2020

The work of Chang Won Woo is about the space in-between. It's about the reign of the self, a moment in time; it is placed between the thought and its 'movements', it is about an act of (self) reflection that moves inwards. It doesn't take place anywhere exterior. ● The liquid modernity* of the surrounding world shines through the act of this self reflection, taking shape around the inner dialogue, questioning the boundaries of acknowledged signifiers and closing up on the matter. The moment, the silence, the inner world that rarely happens to be completely graspable closes up on the inner core of the thought, on the signified**.

우창원_Inner Monolog #08_50×37.5cm_2020

The reflection about this inner world, central in the work of Woo, is the projection of the self and/or inner perception. The most intimate one. Through the wonder of the stillness, the calmness, the closed eyes, the vicinity to the details and to the matter, through the space suspended and while the internal dialogue takes place, the world -outside- shuts down and this happens when the artist moves towards the visual narrative of the internal discourse. There's only the white noise, the one created by those back thoughts not yet spoken in the tongue of the inner monologue. Time stands still, the sound of the wording is rounded: the space doesn't really matter because the light, the focus, the intention to question, are touching only what one thinks and only when the internal discourse exists, nothing else.

우창원_Inner Monolog #12_100×75cm_2020

Eyes are closed. Images are floating. Nothing needs anything to exist, everything is sufficient because the space of the internal dialogue doesn't have any time frame. Neither has it boundaries: it does not subject itself to any external gravity. ● The in-between hosts the verbal stream of consciousness, developing into the inner monologue that initiates the process at the origin of the work of Chang Won. He pursues the awareness about the inner processes of the self and his work is the evidence of a moment suspended in time which doesn't exist anymore and never have been spoken. The most intimate and the most precious. That is when his photographs shine outwards: back from the reign of in-between, carrying a new consciousness, answered questions, time suspended answers, inner voices, quests about the self and its perceptions, about the matter, about time, about stillness, about inner worlds .. all that generates inside is blown outside. ● Is an inner monologue an unconscious action which leads to double the thinking into an internal dialogue? Are the thinking and the inner monologue two different things? Is it a monologue always? That does not really matter - The movement towards the quest has been projected ahead and we are now in front of the photographs: the vessels of the thinking, the moment fixed in time, the representation of what happens within: from outside. Here, Woo places his process of creation and his work reflects back this inner, profound moment. Chang Won Woo engages with the inner silence and the quest about what is the signifier and how it is perceived. In that space there's the innermost thinking of the artist about the self, its reflections, projections, images. There's sound and re-sound navigating intimate and uncertain waters.

우창원_Inner Monolog #11_100×75cm_2020

Woo renders meanings from the space within, opens a path of being and knowing, of functioning through the process of investigation of faces, casts, expressions, moments in time, flowers, passing time, leaves, mirrors, time, time, time within, time as the indefinite continued progress of existence and events. Through the matter of the subjects of his photographs, the faces casts and the stillness, he leaves us in front ourselves, in a sub-spatial space, in a sub-timing time where the inner monologue lives next to the reflections we have of ourselves, of what surround us, of the time passing by, of the same reflections of ourselves we find through others or mostly - here - through ourselves. That is when the outside echoes back towards the inside. ■ Chiara Valci Mazzara

* Liquid Modernity, Zygmunt Bauman, 1999 ** Ferdinand de Saussure, 1959, Course in General Linguistics. New York: McGraw-Hill

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