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엄재형_Carpe Diem_리넨에 유채_50×60cm_2019

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엄재형_Lunar Eclipse_리넨에 유채_30×30cm_2019
엄재형_Blood Moon_리넨에 유채_30×30cm_2019
엄재형_One Summer can Change Everything of You_파브리아노에 유채_34.5×27cm_2020

자본주의와 산업, 디자인 등에서 볼 수 있는 색과 형태, 그리고 해변에 누워있는 사람들. 이러한 요소들을 화면 속으로 가져와 무대의 배우들처럼 배치한다. 그 안에서 여러 현상이 일어난다. 방법론적으로 작품의 구도와 색의 조화 등 여러 방법을 고려하는 과정에서 직접 찍은 사진들을 컴퓨터 작업으로 Collage 하듯 재배치하여 인공적인 새로운 풍경을 만든다. 모든 작업과정과 시각적 요소들은 유기적으로 연결되어 상호작용하며, 본인의 모든 행위와 제스처에는 그에 따른 이유들이 내포된다. ■ 엄재형

엄재형_Grazie4_캔버스에 유채_112.1×162.2cm_2017
엄재형_Hvala_캔버스에 유채_130.3×162.2cm_2016

Often, some may say that figurative painting is dead, though I think not. There are many artists in my generation who are breaking away from the hedge of minimalist abstraction and are trying to find ways of reintroducing imagery back into painting. ● After Going through it, I relise that I am a painter that creates comprehensive and interpretive works. It is particularly relative to the way that I have to process the materials and to the way I organise the information makes it clearer. It is a specific manner for me to express the ideas that I see things and the thoughts that I express my feelings and emotions which helps me find my voice. ● Photography is used for the basis of all my work. However, photography has made me realised that the camera catches only what is in the moment which is only a sliced of what is actually happening. For instance, everybody is in motion and slightly dipping ahead, slightly turning or weighting themselves, capture of a sense of the real and physical body. ● However, there are challenges in figurative pieces. Firstly, trying to control the representation of the body is very complicated, rendering the body to become a scene. There are many nuances within the body that requires a magnified observation. There is also the difference between using the body to making other things as opposed to create a painting that is essentially formal and possibly abstract. Shapes and colours. It is trying to find the exact hand gesture and the way of person stands, sits, twists, turns, weights, unweight and facial expression. Those things have become dramatic as opposed to formal issues. I believe that the body as a person in a context around objects and other bodies can be dynamic. ■ BRODY JAEHYUNG UM

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